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Download our free browser tool today and take control of your browsing history and online reputation.

By installing our software, you can see your browsing history profile through the lens of businesses, edit your history for unwanted tracks, and protect your profile as you navigate the web in the future.

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Visualize What they Collect

See your device profile: We try to mirror the methods that companies use to profile you and your device. Instead of providing it to them, we provide it to you. Level the playing field on your own terms by understanding your own profile better.

See & Manage your History

Edit your profile: Retrieve and delete your browsing history with the slide of a button. Self select and prioritize what is important to you.

Manage your profile: Block trackers and receive alerts when you may be creating an unwanted or questionable browsing profile.

Alerts to unwanted history: Our browser extension captures historical browsing behavior for analysis purposes. Using our extensive database of web sites and trackers, we alert you to those that exist on your device or in your browser that you may want to know more about.